Tuesday, 20 February , 2018

Takrangkar :Symbol of Quality


Takrangkar Chemical Company

manufacturer coatings for

Oil, gas, petrochemical industry

water,waste water and powerhousing projects


Training Seminars

Free advice before sale

training on usage methods during implementation


A combination of experience and expertise



Member of Paint and Resin manufacturers association

arm02Member of Iranian corrosion association

arm03Members S.I.P.I.E.M

arm04Members SPACA


Member of the Association for Research and Development


The first holder of certificate ISO 9001-2008 quality management certificate from MIC England

arm07member of institute of standards and industrial research of iran

Three-time winner as the top scholar seminars

Why Takrangkar?

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  • Over 40 years experience.

  •  Experienced management and leadership.

  • perofessional and certified staff.


  • Highest quality


  • Modern  QC equipment.

  • internationally-accredited standards.


  • Rectify customers needs.

  • Free consultation before purchase.

  • training on usage during implementation.

  • offer training seminars for customer.

Takrangkar  is a manufacturer of specialty coatings for the oil , gas , water , wastewater, and metal industries as well as power plants.

the company has been proactively produsing modern coatings based on internal R&D such as the following:

polyurethan Solvent Free paint ، Epoxy Solvent Free paint ، polyurea , Thixotropice Epoxy paint

 Epoxy glass flake  ، Epoxy Vinyl ester coating

 Heat Resistant coatings



Nano Insulation coatings



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